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No One Special is a DIY publishing house, beginning in Coburg, 2011.

We release books, zines, music, wares and apparel. We are interested in art and objects that live outside of the white cube. Inspired by artists with un-conventional arts educations who take a naive and playful approaches.

Having published over 100 titles, we are influenced by our immediate surroundings and what it means to produce physical objects in the internet age.

Now based in Brunswick we operate a small store:

'Nowhere Special' located at 253 Lygon St, East Brunswick. Open Saturday's.



**Please allow plenty of time for international shipping (2-8 weeks)

Shipping with in Australia (3-10 days)


Australia: Perimeter Books & Press Books

USA: Draw Down Books

UK: Good Press


Instagram - @noonespecial2011

Facebook - /noonespecial11